• Hoover Senior Campus Expansion

    A St. Mary Development new senior apartment community,

    healthcare clinic and outdoor recreation space in Dayton, Ohio (Montgomery County).


  • Project Summary & Map

    The St. Mary Hoover project will add 64 units of affordable senior independent-living housing to the existing 281-unit Hoover Campus in West Dayton. the project also includes adding a health clinic to the Campus along with outdoor meeting and event space, to improve physical and mental health, and provide entertainment spaces. St. Mary has site control for the entire proposed project and plans to donate the land to the project.

  • New affordable senior apartment community

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    A new four-story apartment community will be built near the entrance to the Campus. It will be designed following green standards and include a fitness center, media room, free wi-fi and meeting spaces for residents. The building will include both one- and two-bedroom apartments. The addition of this housing will bring the campus to more than 340 seniors and attract more extensive healthcare partners because they look for a minimum number of patients when considering service locations.


    The Hoover Campus currently includes rental housing at market-rate, affordable and very-low-income levels, along with on-site service coordination to connect residents to the services they need to stay independent. In a 2021 survey, 90% of residents said their Service Coordinator helped them stay independent.

  • Unit floor plans

    Below are floor plans for one- and two-bedroom apartment units.

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    (1 bathroom)

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    (1 bathroom)

  • Healthcare clinic for older people

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    The health clinic will be a rehab of a community room in the Lofts at Hoover Clubhouse, that has direct outside access along with parking, so it can be easily used by both residents and others in nearby neighborhoods. The rehab will add two private examination rooms and other healthcare amenities to the space. St. Mary Service Coordinators will work with existing healthcare partners, such as Oak Street Health, to expand onsite services and programs.


    St. Mary is also training the Hoover Service Coordinator as a Community Health Worker through the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association’s Pathways Hub program. This will further leverage healthcare on the campus.

  • Outdoor Plaza Area

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    An outdoor plaza and meeting area with picnic pavilion will be added to the Campus and will provide spaces for family gatherings/BBQs, exercise classes, farmer's markets and entertainment. Picnic tables and a raised stage area will be included in the space.


    St. Mary currently works with dozens of partners to bring high-quality services to the Hoover Campus. These include Homefull’s mobile grocery truck, Food Bank Senior Commodity Boxes, visiting podiatrists, WISE senior mental health program (through ADAMHS funding), Dayton Public Library iPad training, University of Dayton physical therapy pilot program, Oak Street Health educational programming, Area Agency on Aging assigned case managers, and resident activities. St. Mary is also installing free Wi-Fi in one of the buildings and providing free Amazon Alexa devices to residents.

  • Our Residents

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    The project census tract has a population with a median age of 53. The median family income for the tract is $27,842 compared to the MSA median of $75,700. Overall, the population in this census tract is 83% minority. Forty-two percent live below the poverty line. On the Hoover Campus, the average resident income is $13,500.


    More than 95% of residents living on our Hoover Campus are Black. Life expectancy in the Hoover Campus neighborhood is only 67.70 years, while life expectancy for Ohio is 76.80, and life expectancy for some Dayton suburbs is as high as 82.10 (Oakwood). Therefore, our residents are already dealing with many negative social determinants of health that impact their lives.


  • Project Finances

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    Total development cost for all parts of the project is $16.9 million.


    St Mary Development will contribute $2.2 million through land donation, deferred developer fee and capital contributions. We have been given $1.5 million in ARPA funds from the City of Dayton. We will be applying for $7.2 million in 4% tax credits, $1.9 million in bond gap funds and a permanent loan of $1.9 million through OHFA's MLP. The final $2.2 million is expected to come from Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS).


  • Who is St. Mary Development

    We are a 33-year-old faith-based non-profit headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. We execute our mission through real estate development and service coordination, building accessible, safe and affordable apartment homes We have developed more than 65 apartment communities in 10 states with more than 4,500 units, although our primary area is Ohio. We are currently building a new apartment community in Portsmouth, Ohio. For more information about St. Mary Development, visit our website.

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