• The Flats on Wolf Creek

    A St. Mary Development apartment community in Trotwood, Ohio

  • Empowering Resilience: Rebuilding Lives in Trotwood


    In the wake of the devastating Memorial Day tornado that struck Trotwood, Ohio, a beacon of hope emerges. The state of Ohio, recognizing the urgent need for recovery, has taken a step forward by allocating critical Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) disaster relief resources. With a resolute commitment, 80% of these funds are earmarked specifically for the revitalization of Trotwood—a community that bore the brunt of the tornado's destructive force, resulting in the loss of a staggering 1,000 housing units.

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    A great site for family apartments 

    The site is situated within anestablished mixed-use area near Main Street in Trotwood and is expected to fit well with the surrounding land uses. Many services are close-by and easily accessible. There is easy accessto the new library, the YMCA and government office, in addition to restaurants and medical facilities. There is an RTA stop on Main near the site.

  • Passion

    At the forefront of this recovery effort stands St. Mary Development, embarking on a mission to seek disaster recovery funding. The aim? To give life to the Flats on Wolf Creek—an innovative residential complex comprising 65 units designed with families in mind. Featuring thoughtfully crafted one, two, and three-bedroom configurations, the Flats on Wolf Creek will not just provide homes, but a foundation for families to rebuild their lives.

    A Community on the Rise

    This project is part of an exciting larger vision. Within the same site, there are two additional proposed initiatives that stand poised for realization. The heart of these developments is affordability, ensuring that families at various income levels can find a place to call home. Units will be available for families whose incomes are at or below 30% and 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). And with a commitment to inclusivity, a portion of the remaining units will be reserved for those at 60% and 80% AMI. Rent ranges will span from $387 to $1,196, ensuring accessibility to all.

  • Answering the Call:

    Meeting High Demand


    As the final touches are put on an ongoing market study, one thing is resoundingly clear: the demand for housing in Trotwood remains remarkably high. The loss of 1,000 housing units underscores the urgency of this project. It is a testament to the resilience of Trotwood's community members and their collective desire to rebuild their lives.


    This isn't just about bricks and mortar. It's about restoring lives, nurturing hope, and building a brighter future—one family, one home, at a time.

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